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Frequently Asked Questions

A. The foundation and flooring are the responsibility of the customer. For information on foundations please visit our foundation guidelines page here.

A. Possibly! Permits are the responsibility of the customer. Your county, city, and/or state may require a permit. If this is the case, they may require generic or site-specific drawings. Please contact the appropriate office for more information pertaining to permits.

A. This depends on the manufacturer. Generic drawings are either included in your order or come at an additional cost. These can be requested at the time of order. Site specific drawings come at an additional cost and can take up to 16 weeks to be available. Site specific drawings must be paid for up front and are non-refundable once the order has been placed. Please speak with a designer for more info.

A. We do! Custom Structures Direct is partnered with various lenders and they provide both rent-to-own and traditional financing options. Both options are simple and the process is mostly handled online. Rent-to-own financing requires property ownership to qualify and is NOT subject to a credit check. Traditional financing requires a credit check. Alternatively, we are happy to work with your preferred lender of choice. For more information on financing please visit our financing page here.

A. Lead times vary typically from to 2 to 8 weeks. Some of the factors that affect lead times include foundation readiness and weather. For more up to date lead time information please contact one of our designers.

A. We currently service 47 states. Please call (855) 803-7467 for more information and quotes.

A. One of our favorite customizations are our color options. With all buildings you can mix and match the roof, trim, and wall colors. We also offer Premium color upgrades for an additional fee. Please speak with your designer for color options in your area.

A. Warranties vary between manufacturers however typically include a 90-Day Workmanship Warranty, 1 Year Door and Window Warranty, 1 Year Roof Leak Warranty, and a 20 Year Rust Through Warranty. For more detailed information on warranties please speak with one of our designers.

A. Framing components vary and come in 15-gauge, 14-gauge, and 12 gauge. The post sizes also vary from 2”x 2” up to 2”x 3”. In addition and depending on the size of the structure, framing may be upgraded to a double leg or a ladder system. The standard for the roof and walls is 29-gauge sheet metal however you can upgrade to 26-gauge sheet metal for an additional fee in some cases. Please speak to a designer for more information.

A. Yes! All of our structures come certified with varying wind and snow load ratings. We also offer upgrades for an additional fee in some cases. Please speak to one of our designers for more information.

A. Custom Structures Direct is an internet dealership located in Pelham, Alabama. We do not currently have a retail location but hope to open one in 2024.

A. We do not currently have a lot with model units and due to our commitment to Privacy, we do not share customer information from previous installs. In the meantime, you can view our product page to view some of the structures built & installed. You are also welcome to schedule a meeting either in person or via Zoom to view the materials we use.

A. Once the order has been placed deposits are non-refundable.

A. Yes! If your financing application is declined your deposit is refundable.

A. A signed work order, pictures of the install site, and the deposit.

A. Once you are happy with your building let your designer know that you are ready to order. We will email you your work order via DocuSign allowing you to electronically sign the paper work. Once we receive your signed work order we will email you an invoice for the deposit which you can pay using a credit card, debit card or ACH transfer. Once everything is signed and paid, we will submit your order to our manufacturer who will start the process and issue you an invoice number.

A. Yes and no. You are welcome to submit a larger deposit for standard orders however for orders that are financed we do not accept larger deposits.

A. Deposits vary from 10% to 20%. For orders with a sub total of $25,000 or more deposit are 30%. All deposits are required when you place your order.

A. Yes! We offer 10% off of deposits for retirees, veterans, first responders, educators, and non-profits. In some cases, we may also offer a manufacturer’s discount depending on the manufacturer. Please speak with one of our designers for current discounts and specials.

A. All orders include delivery and installation unless you choose either delivery only or pick up. Pick up orders may not be available in all areas. Please speak with a designer for more info.

A. Yes and no. Please speak with a designer for more info.

A. Possibly. We typically do not attach one of our metal buildings to another company’s metal building. We cannot guarantee the integrity of a building that was not built by us or with our standards. Please speak with a designer for more info.

A. Yes. You should ensure that the foundation where we are installing the building is level or has no more than a 4” (inch) grade. If the grade is more than 4” (inches), you may need to pay an additional amount for post cuts and an increase in leg height. This is for any surface type.

A. We measure our metal buildings by width, length and height (W x L x H) and each order is custom to the customer. Widths vary from 12’ (feet) to 60’ (feet). Lengths vary from 10’ (feet) to 300’ (feet). Heights vary from 6’ (feet) to 20’ (feet).

A. It all depends on the type of foundation and manufacturer. Concrete anchors, rebar, and auger anchors are a few examples of anchors used to secure your building.

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