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Custom Structures Direct is a family-run “mom-and-pop” dealership that provides high quality Custom-Built Metal Buildings for residential, industrial, agricultural, and commercial use. Some of the buildings we offer include Carports, Garages, RV Covers, Barns, Sheds, Warehouses, Commercial Facilities, Man Caves, She Sheds, Workshops, Boat Covers, and more. Built for durability and longevity, all our products come with a warranty and our experienced team of designers will work with you from start to finish to design the ideal structure for your needs.
Our buildings are used on farms for animals or storage; lakes as boathouses or fishing huts; camping sites to store supplies and equipment; homes for storage of tools or seasonal items; businesses to house inventory or vehicles and much more. We also specialize in commercial projects such as manufacturing facilities where we offer low maintenance building options with long life spans. Whether it’s a small shed to store your lawnmower or a large commercial building – we have what you need at prices you can respect. We will also provide you with the one-on-one service you deserve from your building provider. Our process is simple, transparent, and comprehensive.
We have three main goals when it comes to helping you with your project.
#1 – It’s all about you!
All projects require a keen and comprehensive understanding of your wants, needs, and vision. Through attentive listening we will learn about the purpose of your building and what is most important to you. In this process we will also help educate you on what you need to know about our buildings and what the process looks like from start to finish. In this way, we make sure you get exactly what you want while being able to make an informed and educated purchasing decision. This includes everything from features and foundations to certified drawings and the permitting process (if required).
#2 – Providing you with a respectable price without sacrificing quality or service!
All of us want the best possible price without having to sacrifice quality or service. And we don’t want to overpay or be up sold features that provide no value to us just so someone else can make more money. At Custom Structures Direct we pride ourselves at being focused on what you need and not what we want to sell you. We are not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive, which is a good thing because it provides you with the right balance of cost-effectiveness, quality, and service.
#3 – Peace of mind from start to finish!
We work with our customers from start to finish to make sure your project comes to completion and you never have to worry about us handing you off to a manufacturer never to be seen again. We want the same attention and support when we purchase a product, so it’s important to us that we do onto others as we want done onto ourselves. In addition, all of our buildings are certified for wind rating and come with a 20 year rust through warranty. We do what we say and mean it!
At the end of the day, we are more than a business; we are a family, all on the same journey for growth within ourselves and our community. Please reach out with any questions and know that we are ready to be of service to you!

-Custom Structures Direct

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